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We are the Master Locksmiths in Australia and New Zealand

Qualified Professional Locksmithing Services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications

We are the Master Locksmiths in Australia and New Zealand, united in the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA). The MLAA runs this site and search-service for you, the public, to provide access to our network of qualified, professional locksmiths and to support you with additional information around how to secure the things that are important to you.

 "Secure the things you love"

To make sure you get the best possible service and the highest quality work, all MLAA Master Locksmiths need to be:

  • Trade Qualified

  • MLAA Tested & Endorsed

  • A Registered Business

  • Security Licensed (in States where licensing is mandatory)

  • Fully Insured

In addition to the above requirements, we are bound by a strict Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.

What are Master Locksmiths doing?

Master Locksmiths can provide you with security services in a number of areas, including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Automotive


  • We can open your door when you are locked out, or you have lost your keys. Maybe this sounds like a given, and there are people out there who can open your door, but all Master Locksmiths are licensed and/or police checked, part of a registered business, and have the skills to do the job professionally.
  • We know how to secure your property and possessions, and all the things that are important to you. One of the first things anyone should do when they move house is change their locks. And don’t forget to change the frequency of your garage remote!
  • We are happy to review your security and let you know your options. If you have good security, then we will not try and sell you something you do not need. We simply follow the rules you should be able to expect from any good specialist.
  • We are close to the industry, and all new developments, so if something new comes onto the market, we will know about it.
  • And yes, we cut keys, sell & repair locks, sell & repair safes, install alarms and CCTV systems. We can even recode your garage remote!



  • We design, manufacture and install restricted keying systems and master keyed systems for commercial and industrial applications.
  • We are security specialists. Our clients include Schools & Universities, Prisons & other Correctional Facilities, Property Developers, Body Corporates, Retirement Homes, Hospitals, Airports, Parks & Gardens, Hotels, Motels, Hostels and more.
  • We are fully ensured, well trained and experienced, and we have access to the knowledge and skills of a network of over 700 locksmith businesses.



  • The technology used in modern cars, trucks and motorcycles is constantly changing, but your alternative to the Dealer is your Master Locksmith. We are up to date with the latest technology, and we have the tools to do what the dealer does. Better still, we can come to you. Ever tried getting help from the Dealer when you have lost your keys over a weekend!?
  • We love and appreciate all vehicles, old and new. We know how to open your baby without drilling a hole, scratching the paintwork or damaging the lock. By the way, have you ever wondered where you can get a key for your 1967 Ford Mustang or a classic Ducati bevel?
  • We specialise in remotes, original ones and aftermarket ones.

We are not limited to brand, make or model, or even the type of vehicle. Lost the key to your tractor, or even your light airplane?

If if has a lock and a key, we can help you.

 Exclusive Range of Products

The MLAA maintains strong relationships with industry manufactures, suppliers and service providers, not only in Australia and New Zealand, but also worldwide. That enables us to provide you the very latest in security products and services.

As Business Members we have access to an exclusive range of restricted keying products, including Binary Plus, LS Series, DC-1 and NZ Series. This allows us to offer master keyed and keyed alike systems that are protected from unauthorised key duplication.

MLAA Restricted Key Systems

The Master Locksmiths Access Key MLAK system is another MLAA initiative that allows people with special needs access to dedicated public facilities, including the Liberty Swing.


What does the Master Locksmiths Association do?

Promote the industry & service members

The Association’s primary role is to promote the viewpoints and interests of the industry and to provide services to members in a broad range of areas including; training & professional development, marketing and promotion, OH & S, industrial relations, building codes and standards, product development and international relations.

Security Industry Compliance

Locksmiths in Australia and New Zealand are required to comply with legislation and regulations relating to security industry licensing. In several states, locksmiths and security providers require membership of an approved Security Industry Association in order to satisfy their security licensing obligations.

The MLAA is recognised as an approved Security Industry Association.

Product Development

The MLAA in association with the industries key manufacturers design and distribute restricted keying systems. These MLAA patented high-security locking systems are designed and manufactured in Australia to meet Australian Standards and market conditions.

Want to become a member" Please download our MLAA Membership information.

The Master Locksmiths Association is a modern Not-for-Profit Members Organisation.

Once a year the MLAA publishes an annual report that contains basic insight and information about
the projects of the past year, a glimps into the future and a Profit & Loss Statement.

Please download a copy of the MLAA Annual Report for 2016/17 here. Thanks




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Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA)
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