Keep it Safe

Keep it safe, keep it hidden, keep it locked

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Home burglaries and break-ins are among the most common crimes in Australia with around 350,000 break-ins per year. They account for over one-fifth of all offences recorded by the police.

Australia’s burglary rate is also relatively high by international standards, reflecting our relative wealth and the fact that many homes contain items that are valuable and easy to transport and re-sell. These are the items most commonly stolen in residential burglaries.

Money and Jewelry are the most commonly stolen items across all burglaries, occurring at 19 per cent and 18 per cent respectively.

The Queensland Police Service Annual Statistical Review 2010/11 showed home break-ins across the state remained a significant problem with 24,955 homes broken into during the year.

RACQ Insurance Executive Manager Communications, Mike Sopinski believes the majority of home theft was opportunistic and many householders unfortunately, made it easy for thieves to enter properties by not using simple and basic home security measures.

The Master Locksmiths Association’s Lockey Smith believes the simple method of ‘keep it safe, keep it hidden, keep it locked’ works best.

“There’s a simple solution to protecting your money, jewellery, and other important assets (for personal goods and business environment), put them in a safe!”

Purchasing a Safe

There are many different types and brands of safes currently out in the market, often raising more questions than answers. According to Jason Catlow of Aus Lock & Safe Co, ‘getting expert advice from a safe specialist is a crucial step when selecting the right safe. Determining the degree of protection, the nature and value of the property to secure are vital elements to consider’...

‘Then there are the various options when it comes to locking your safe including a key operation, combination lock or electronic lock’

Lockey Smith agrees ‘seeking professional advice will assist in verifying the cash rating level and fire protection rating that you require. These fundamental factors will ensure your belongings are protected to the highest level’

‘Master Locksmith members are well equipped to provide you with such advice’.

MLAA Businesses v Hardware Stores

There are many cheap inferior products out in the market that are sold through hardware and retail outlets.

Catlow adds ‘these safes generally do not protect the value of the items being stored. Poor quality safes may not have fire protection ratings or cash ratings and therefore offer a lower level of protection. Furthermore, don’t trust the opinion of an inexperienced store worker to guard your precious valuables’.

‘The old adage of 'you get what you pay for' certainly rings true when purchasing a safe’.

If you’re investing in a safe then ensure the safe is right for and most importantly, it is installed correctly. Most burglars will attempt to take the safe with them so they can break into it without the pressure of time. If a safe is incorrectly installed, security of its contents is compromised.

Remember, the installation is just as important as safe itself!



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