Why choose a Master Locksmith

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All Master Locksmiths are:

  • Trade Qualified
  • Registered Businesses
  • Security Licensed or Police Checked
  • Insured
  • Tied to a strict Code of Ethics

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What services do locksmiths actually provide?

Know-How and Experience:

Master Locksmiths (MLAA members) hold recognised trade qualifications and/or have passed our stringent and independently conducted trade competency tests.

Master Locksmiths have the skills and experience to recommend effective security solutions to meet your specific needs in all areas from residential to commercial or automotive.

Restricted Key Systems:

They can also supply you with an exclusive range of MLAA patented/design protected high-security locking systems which are manufactured in Australia to meet Australian Standards and market conditions. These systems provide you with an extra level of protection for what's important to you.

Electronic Security & CCTV:

Through specialised industry partner Master Locksmiths have access to the latest Electronic Access Control technology and can also offer hardware and software in areas like Alarm Systems and CCTV.

Lock-Outs and Emergency Opening:

Around 50% of the Members of the MLAA are Mobile Locksmiths specialised in Emergency Openings (e.g. after you locked yourself out) for residential properties, cars, trucks and even motorcycles.
The vast amount of experience “on the tools” guarantees, that your door doesn’t get a scratch and your car-door closes afterwards like it did before.

Re-Keying and Re-fitting of locks

MLAA Master Locksmiths are specialised in Re-Keying and Re-Fitting of residential and commercial properties. They can provide all services from cutting a single additional key for a flat to designing and installing a Master Key System for a factory, hospital or apartment building.

Safes and Deposit Boxes:

What many people overlook is that Master Locksmiths are specialist in recommending, delivering and installing many types of safes and safe boxes to secure your personal belongings or your company’s daily revenue.

Service for People with Disabilities

The MLAA holds the trademark for a restricted key system called the MLAK (Master Locksmiths Access Key). Over 1000 facilities in Australia – like changing places, public toilets and pool or playground equipment - are fitted with this special key and lock combination. (Click here for more details)
MLAK’s can only be obtained from Members of the MLAA or the MLAA Head Office. Read More


You can find your nearest locksmith by using our
locksmith search facility.  

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Only current Business Member of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA) are entitled to use the “Master Locksmiths Brand” to promote themselves as quality locksmiths.

The strict Membership requirements and constant checks assure you that when engaging the services of an MLAA (Master Locksmiths Association) member for your locksmithing or security needs; you are dealing with a local locksmith who:

  • Is a qualified and experienced security industry professional
  • is licensed to operate as a locksmith under relevant State and Territory security industry legislation
  • abides by an established code of ethics (see below) and code of conduct.

To find a local Locksmith in your area please use the Search Functionality (link)

(If you have concerns that a locksmith you would like to engage might not be a Member, please use the locksmiths search on this website or report an infringement here)


Why choose a Master Locksmith over an unlicensed Locksmith or a Handyman?

The Security Industry isn’t as regulated by the Government as e.g. the building industry. In some state, unlike Builder, Electricians or Plumber, businesses calling themselves a “Locksmith” are not required to provide any evidence of a qualification and do not need to get a Security License.

The strict Membership Requirements of the MLAA regarding qualification, business set up, insurance and work ethic, guarantee that as a customer choosing a Master Locksmith, you can be sure that you are dealing with a local locksmith who is a qualified, licensed security, insured, well trained and experienced professional working for or owning a registered legitimate business.

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MLAA Code of Ethics

Members are required to contribute to the security of the community by acting with integrity and applying the highest moral values in every aspect of their business including:

  • providing professional advice and service that most effectively meets client requirements;
  • exercising the utmost confidentiality in respect of client records and sensitive industry information;
  • maintaining and applying the highest level of knowledge and skills; and
  • complying with all relevant legislation and Association regulations.